1. Spindle != spindle ? An App Store bug worth fixing

    [Update 9.24.12 This has been fixed. Bravo Apple]

    There have been claims that iOS 6 Breaks the App Store.

    I don’t take issue with the new layout changes (Apple only shows 1 result per screen now), but I do take issue with the broken search that makes the new layout deadly.

    If you search the app store for “Spindle” (our app), you’ll get:

    2012-09-20 22.06.01

    If you search for “spindle” with a lowercase “s,” you’ll get:

    2012-09-20 22.06.26


    You can swipe to find Spindle, but the primary screen suggests a search for “spinde.” Although there’s an exact match for the original query, the App Store barfs on the capitalization and sends you searching for something entirely different. Following their suggestion, if you press “Search for ‘spinde’”…

    2012-09-20 22.06.37

    Double WTF!! Now you only have one result (see “1 of 1”) and it doesn’t even match the original query. From this point, you can’t find Spindle or any other app with “spindle” in its name.

    This is trivially easy for Apple to fix and impacts every app in the store. I’d appreciate your help spreading the word so we can get this one on Apple’s radar.

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