1. The case for two quiet fundraisings

    Since we officially announced Spindle’s funding last Thursday, a lot of people have asked me why we didn’t promote our fundraising(s) sooner. The reason is really pretty simple:

    We didn’t know what we were building.

    When we left Microsoft, we knew we wanted to build a fundamentally new and better means of surfacing social content. We did not know what that technology would look like, how someone would interact with it, or what it would actually accomplish. We raised money on our backgrounds, a crude technology demo, and a maniacal desire to figure it out and build something awesome.

    Press is a fantastic tool, but a public outing raises expectations and starts the clock. I can think of no worse pressures for a team trying to innovate.

    It’s crazy to say out loud, but we’ve been working for nearly two years now. We had several opportunities to ship something, but decided our early ideas simply weren’t good enough. Each time we passed and went back to the drawing board, our technology has gotten better and our vision has become more focused. In the public arena, I guess these iterations would have been “pivots.” In the public arena, I doubt we would have had the courage to make a few of them.

    I can’t fully predict how things would have changed had we been more public*, but I do know that the ability to take our time and innovate has been tremendous. I’ll be forever grateful of our investors for giving us the resources and the support to take this approach. In an era where everyone builds and ships their app in six weeks, it’s been awesome to work on deep technology and solve some challenging problems.   

    *Our silence has probably come at the cost of hiring, but that’s a topic for another day.

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