1. Supporting entrepreneurs as a venture partner

    I’m excited to announce that I will be staying on at Polaris and will be investing in early stage technology companies as a Venture Partner.

    When I joined Polaris as an entrepreneur in residence last August, I was exhausted. I had just sold Spindle to Twitter. After nearly three years of work and months on the road, I desperately needed to recharge physically, emotionally, and creatively.

    From day one, Dave encouraged me to reconnect with other entrepreneurs on both coasts. He felt my experience developing complex software in big and small companies would really resonate with other entrepreneurs. Dave was right and I’ve been able to roll up my sleeves to help a few early stage teams.

    What’s surprised me is how much I’ve enjoyed this process. I am a “project person” and love to sweat through a complex problem. To my surprise, I’ve found that there are companies that need this help AND it has been extremely satisfying to dive in and help in a supporting capacity.

    So, what type of investor will I be?

    I’ll share more later about the specific areas that excite me, but above all else, I’m looking to combine capital and sweat to really dig in and help a few companies. My plan is not to be a high volume investor, but a high impact one instead.

    My time at Polaris has convinced me that this is an incredible time to be a Series A investor. Given the surge of early stage companies looking for Series A capital, it’s an awesome time to partner with great companies that also interest me personally. I’ve searched through a lot of corners this past year and see so much opportunity.

    I have greatly enjoyed the last eights months. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the team at Polaris and the entrepreneurs I’ve met with. I will be drinking from the fire hose for some time to come. I’ll share more thoughts in a bit, but my experience as an investor has already fundamentally shifted how I evaluate risk, opportunities, and how to plot a path toward success. I aim to pair my experience as an entrepreneur with a broader vision of the market to help other entrepreneurs build world-class companies.

    I look forward to meeting with more of you. I’ll be based out of our new office in downtown Boston, but will frequent SF and NYC as well.

    Don’t be a stranger. pat@polaris.vc

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